The Abyss

As we stood there

facing the abyss

I felt your hand squeezing mine

I heard your voice like a faint whisper but clearly

in the emptiness between time and time

That’s it – are you ready?

My hand squeezed back and I heard my own voice that time

You nodded and pointed into the darkness at my feet

I am scared

So am I

Will I see you ?

You will

Will I recognize you ?

From time to time

That’s not enough

It has to be

That’s not enough

It will be, you’ll see

And as you whispered those words

your hand reached out

and buried itself deep in my chest

The pain –  it pierced me in agony and ecstasy

In your hand pulsed a small light

Its beauty illuminated your face between then and now

Is it mine ?

It was

You said

Suddenly you throw it into the abyss

Shocked I try to catch it and jump into life