Comrades in Anxiety

I can hardly catch my breath,
my fears keep hugging me so tight.
They caress me less than tenderly.
I wonder will I last another night?


And yes, I do count my blessings.
And I eat kale as if it is all I need.
You say there must be something wrong with me,
while all I do is bleed


I bleed my soul until I’m drenched in it
My soul keeps dripping down my heart
One day this all will be a memory
I guess that even this is just a part

Of what is beautiful and glorious


Yes, I do my daily yoga
And sometimes even kinesiology
But still some nights my fear will come for me
No matter how hard I have worked previously


Of course I took proper medicine,
until it made me feel the schizophreny
of feeling my demons haunting me
even though they remained unseen.


But guess what, I will never give up
my fight for freedom will go on
this time I shout out with all my might.

So that you’ll know
You are not alone!

by Elisa Maria Wagner, 6th of February 2017

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